The faults are divided into three groups…
affection, aversion and stupidity.
Affection includes
lust, avarice, and covetousness.
Aversion includes
anger, envy, malignity,
hatred and implacability.
Stupidity includes misapprehension, suspicion,
arrogance and carelessness.
Of the three,
stupidity is the worst
because it is only a stupid person who may be influenced
by affection and aversion…



We fear all things as mortals,
and we desire all things as if we were immortal.

We should not be offended that other people hide
the truth from us, since we so often hide it from ourselves.

We readily criticize other people’s faults,
but we rarely use them to correct our own.

We strive less hard to be happy than
to make people think we are happy.

If we are too much in love,
it is hard to recognize
when we are no longer loved.

La Rochefoucauld