floridum mare

The harvest overflowing the multi-colored plain rolls,
undulates, and unfurls in the cool wind cradling it;
and the profile of some harrow on the distant sky
seems like a ship pitching and raising a dark bowsprit.

And beneath my feet the sea, right to the purple west,
sky-blue or pink or violet or ultramarine or
the white horses scattered by the ebb,
becomes infinitely green, like a huge meadow.

The gulls, too, following the flood,
flew in whirlwinds with joyful cries
towards the ripe com swollen by a golden tide;

While from the land a honeyed breeze spread
flights of butterflies over the flowery ocean
after the desire of their winged ecstasy.

José-Maria de Heredia



The narcissus that seems gentle
Without being weak
Is the handsome hero of flowers.

Itō Shintoku


In nooks and corners
Cold remains:
Flowers of the plum.

Yosa Buson


flowers for heliodora

White, white violets
with myrtle and tender narcissus;
I shall weave laughing lilies
and soft crocus and purple hyacinths
with roses, flowers of lovers.
I shall come to decorate her brow
and brighten her perfumed hair
in a fine rain of flowers.


on wildflowers

River winds
spread wildflower scent
across the fields.



The snow of yesterday
that fell like cherry petals
is water once again.


a flower at a traveler’s inn

Overtaken by darkness
I will lodge under the boughs of a tree.
Flowers alone
host me tonight.

Taira no Tadanori