And for a moment I saw eternity.
I saw the fragile perennial, the flower that is born
and that the wind blows but never destroys.
I saw the mystery, the bright fruit
which the sun lightly touched
and made ripe forever
and caught imperishably.
She was pure and thought herself sensible to evil.
She was innocent and thought she had malice and deceit in her.
In her smile was charm itself.
In her body was held the secret
of those beings death cannot touch.

Augusto Frederico Schmidt


the gipsy girl

When Preciosa beats her tambourine
and the sweet music wounds the empty air,
it is pearls that drop from her hands,
flowers that she sends from her mouth.

The soul is wonderstruck and the judgement amazed
by her sweet and superhuman movements;
for their purity, their frankness and their modesty
her fame soars up till it touches the sky.

She carries a thousand souls
hanging on her lightest hair, and at her feet
Love has surrendered both his arrows.

She blinds and sheds light with her two suns;
by them Love maintains his empire, and thinks
himself capable of performing even greater prodigies.

Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra


Hebros, loveliest of rivers, you issue
hard by Ainos into the dark blue waters
of the sea where, passing by Thrace, you end your
turbulent passage;

there where young girls come in their crowds and, bathing
with light hands their ravishing thighs, enjoy you
all as if some magical salve were in your
wonderful waters.