indifference to wealth

Vast silver, gold, wheat lands, horses, mules
are only equal to the wealth
of him whose belly, ribs and feet are warm,
who may be poor but enters love
with men or women when he comes upon
the proper season in his youth.
This is plenitude for a man. No one goes down
to Hades with fabulous belongings.
Even ransom will not spare him from repugnant
disease, evil old age and death.



a discreet purchase

Zeus bought Danaë with golden rain
and I purchase you with a gold coin.
I can’t, after all, pay more than Zeus.


gold, death, wine

If gold could buy life,
I would guard my wealth
with jelaous desire,
and when death came
he would take some
and leave me alone.
Yet being mortal
I cannot prolong
my life, so why
should I cry or moan ?
If we must die,
What good is gold?
So bring sweet wine,
and when I’ve drunk
bring my good friends.
I’ll lie on a soft bed
and be lost in love.

The Anakreonteia