the ways of nature

Toward the sun’s path
Hollyhock flowers turning
In the rains of summer.

Matsuo Bashō


round red moon

Waves on the blue ocean
Smell of rice wine—
The moon of tonight.

Matsuo Bashō


There’s no moon—
last night, I came here
driving a horse.


the loneliness of a traveler

Hoarse cries—
the monkey’s teeth appear white
the moon above the peak.

Enomoto Kikaku


Under the tree
the soup and the fish salad,
or cherry blossoms?

Matsuo Bashō

the fundamental principle

It doesn’t look like
they will die in a short time —
the sounds of cicadas.

Matsuo Bashō

brief dream

Let me stay for now
where there is a pasania tree —
the summer grove.

Matsuo Bashō