In the front of the garden
it has whitely blossomed —
the camellia.

Uejima Onitsura


in a tunnel

Heaven and Earth and man
appear to be different,
but they are essentially one.
This essence has no size,
and the spirit of man
and the infinite
must be one…

Nakae Tōju


The caged eagle;
When lonely
He flaps his wings…

Hakyo Ishida


The truth is never taken
From another.
One carries it always
By oneself…

Tetto Giko

an animal, emblem of love

These days
my inmost thoughts recall
an autumn sunset
when the deer’s call
echoes over fields.

Fujiwara no Yoshitsune

death poem

A tune of non-being
Filling the void:
Spring sun
Snow whiteness
Bright clouds
Clear wind.

Daido Ichi’i