lettre II

All the men that exist in the world, are far removed from truth and just dealings;
but they are full of evil foolishness, which leads them to insatiable covetousness
and vain-glorious ambition.
I, however, forgetting all their worthlessness,
and shunning satiety,
and who wish to avoid all envy on the part of my countrymen,
and all appearance of arrogance, will never come to Persia,
since I am quite contented with a little,
and live as best suits my own inclination.




You said to me if you write me
Don’t just use the typewriter
Add a line in your own hand
A word a nothing oh a little something
Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

But my Remington is beautiful
I really love it and the work goes well
My writing is sharp and clear
It’s very easy to see that I did the typing

There are white spaces only
I know how to make
See how my page looks
Still to please you
I add in ink
Two or three words
And a big blot of ink
So you can’t read them

Blaise Cendrars