There’s no moon—
last night, I came here
driving a horse.



the loneliness of a traveler

Hoarse cries—
the monkey’s teeth appear white
the moon above the peak.

Enomoto Kikaku

autumn moonlight

As if blossoms have
fallen from the harvest moon—
the cotton field.

Matsuo Bashō

the style of the unchanging

The harvest moon
and the fog at the mountain foot—
mists over the field.

Matsuo Bashō


Let plantain leaves
hang over my pillars —
the moon above my hut.

Matsuo Bashō

the companion of the moon

Morning and night, a ten-square-foot cottage
filled with peace,
Cherry blossoms by the window, pear flowers in the yard,
fragrance as companion.
Even a gold house cannot match the value
of a scholar’s desk,
A thousand sages and ten-thousand worthies
want you everyday.



A coagulation
Of coolness – is that what it is?
The moon at midnight.

Matsunaga Teitoku