I opened my eyes from sleep, and suddenly
raised my head
There I saw the moon-face of the love-thief,

My star of good luck had risen-I was thus
When in my chamber I saw this Jupiter rise
to the evening sky

I opened, then closed my eyes, but he had
vanished from my sight
All I know of him-he was an angel
or a fairy

Now she knows the water of life,
For she has seen that visible Alexander
in the eternal dark of night…

Mihri Hatun

in the ruins

Outside-monuments, civilizations,
lie collapsed, destroyed

Logic drowns in a whirlpool of distractions
And the pleasure of absolute freedom
is found only in madness

Oh devout one, don’t wonder vainly through the mosque,
hunting God’s blessing
This divine gift is found only in the wine-house

Let the nightingale abandon its claims, in its heart
there is no true sacrifice
The only trace of love found is in the burning
destruction of the moth

I revealed my heart’s agony, my truth,
and that infidel smiled
“Now what’s happened to Esrar?” she said,
“He’s reciting crazy tales, these poems!”

Esrar Dede