The most beautiful of apes is ugly in comparison with the race of man;
the wisest of men seems an ape in comparison to a god.



lesson from the academy

I throw this apple before you.
Take it—if you love me purely,
and give up your virginity.

Yet if you will not love me
keep the apple—and think
how long the beauty lasts.



Let the speaker speak truly and the judge decide justly
…because they were good workmen they also knew all sorts of high matters, and this defect in them overshadowed their wisdom.
He, O men, is the wisest, who, like Socrates, knows that his wisdom is in truth worth nothing
but the truth is, O men of Athens, that God only is wise;
this villainous misleader of youth,
the envy and detraction of the world,
no one knows whether death may not be the greatest good,


Love Poem

My child, Aster, you gaze at the stars,
and I wish I were the firmament
that I might watch you with many eyes.