holy mountain

The misty rain —
the day unable to see Fuji
leaves great charm.

Matsuo Bashō



Sleeping on a journey –
Is some dog being rained on too?
The voices of night.

Matsuo Bashō


Above the bed the roof leaked,
no place was dry,
And the raindrops ran down like strings,
without a break.
I have lived through upheavals and ruin
and have seldom slept very well,
But have no idea how I shall pass
this night of soaking.

Du Fu

leaky roof

Plantain in a storm —
a night listening to rain
dripping in a tub.



Let plantain leaves
hang over my pillars —
the moon above my hut.

Matsuo Bashō

wondering at him

White rain
On the eaves of the corner house
Forms into beads.

There is a sound in the wind:
A dog making water.


a discreet purchase

Zeus bought Danaë with golden rain
and I purchase you with a gold coin.
I can’t, after all, pay more than Zeus.