Rising from the river,
Does the roar of waves break in upon the
Of the Uji villagers,
So that even at night their way is perilous
Across the floating bridge of dreams?

Fujiwara Teika


on wildflowers

River winds
spread wildflower scent
across the fields.


the girl

What is this new river of allurement
where waterlilies float together with the moon?
The cranial lobes of an elephant rise from its depths,
and in it grow the trunks of plantain trees and stems of
lotus fiber.


river maritsa

Hebrus, you flow, the most beautiful of rivers,
past Aenus into the turbid sea,
surging through the land of Thrace . . .
and many maidens visit you
to bath their lovely thighs with tender hands;
they are enchanted
as they handle
your marvelous water
like unguent . . .