in all ages

In all ages, always, everywhere, and everywhere
It repeats itself, that cruel dream—
The inexplicable kiss of Judas
And the ring of the accursed silver.

To understand such things is a task in vain.
Humanity conjectures once again:
Let him betray (when he cannot do else),
But why a kiss on the lips? …

Yulia Drunina


i must read only children’s books

I must read only children’s books,
Cherish only children’s thoughts,
Scatter all big things far and wide,
Rise up from the deep-rooted sadness.

I’m weary to death of life,
And accept nothing from it,
But I love my unfortunate land
Because I’ve not seen any other.

In a far-off garden I swung
On a simple wooden swing,
And the tall somber fir trees
I recall in misty delirium.

Osip Mandelstam