Above the bed the roof leaked,
no place was dry,
And the raindrops ran down like strings,
without a break.
I have lived through upheavals and ruin
and have seldom slept very well,
But have no idea how I shall pass
this night of soaking.

Du Fu



Let plantain leaves
hang over my pillars —
the moon above my hut.

Matsuo Bashō


Toward my brushwood door
sending tree leaves for my tea —
the stormy wind.

Matsuo Bashō

7 II

autumn wind
through an open door—
a piercing cry…

Matsuo Bashō

song with reflection

In the meadow
my heart danced

(a cypress shadow
on the wind)

and a tree unplaited
the dew breeze.
Breeze, silver to the touch!

I said: do you remember?

(The star
the rose
do not concern me.)


Lost language!
without horizons!


In the meadow
my heart danced

(a cypress shadow
on the wind).

Federico Garcia Lorca

composed in the twelfth month

Storm winds
sweep snow from pines—
a jeweled broom.

Takayama Sōzei

death poem

A tune of non-being
Filling the void:
Spring sun
Snow whiteness
Bright clouds
Clear wind.

Daido Ichi’i